We are among the oldest Wash & Cleaning Rug Service Providers in Knoxville, Tennessee, United States

Our Services

Alteration, Installation, Repairing, Cleaning & Restoring All Kinds of Rugs • Antique • Handmade • Machine Made

Water Damage & Stain Removal

We repair any type of flood, damp, natural damage, pet stains, wines, coffee, Mud Coke, Tea, Chewing Gum, Sauce etc.

Dust Removal & Color Restoration

We remove any kind of dust effects, and restore fade colors damaged by water.

Edging, Binding & Fringe Repair

So many ways to decorate a rug , Same Pattern Borders, Cotton Edging, Fabric Binding, Securing Fringe, Adding New Fringe, all these repairs are made in Useful Traditional ways.

Moth Proofing, Cleaning & Much More

We can restore Moth damage, also we can clean moth and make your rug Moth Proof. And many other Services like Rug Pad, Rug Cleaning, Stitching, Painting etc.

About Us

Specialized In Repairing, Cleaning & Restoring All Kinds of Rugs (No Wall To Wall Carpet)
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We are among the oldest Specialized Wash, Cleaning & Restoration Rug Service Providers in Knoxville State-Tennessee, USA. We look for aesthetic beauty, intrinsic value, quality and price. Therefore, we can offer and assure you of the finest services at the most favorable prices. Our knowledge and work passed down to 3 generations. We take pride in our extensive experience and our set of distinguished Oriental Rug services. We are one of the few companies who in rug restoration services. Offering extensive cleaning methods which include dusting, hand washing, soft-water rinse, special & natural drying process with fringe cleaning. For rugs in stain-prone areas, we offer a fiber protection treatment that is 100% child and pet safe as well as wool friendly. We treat both sides of your rugs with a special 100% naturally child safe, pet safe and environmentally safe formula. This formula prevents moths from affecting your rugs by changing and making it unappealing to the insects.

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